Fellowships typically have small groups, a large group meeting, and various other events. They serve as students’ spiritual community on campus. Other special-purpose groups are listed below.

Agapé Christian Ministry

We believe that God revealed and initiated His unparalleled and unprecedented love for humanity in Jesus Christ, and because of Jesus, we can have a real, life changing relationship with God. The first word of our name is the Greek word “agapé,” which conveys this meaning – the completely undeserved and sacrificial love of God. We are a college ministry of Agapé Life Church located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Asian Christian Fellowship

ACF seeks to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations by proclaiming the Gospel, providing fellowship for edification, nurturing Christians in spiritual growth, and building up Christian leaders.

Bible Center Fellowship

BCF is a Christian campus ministry that provides weekly Bible studies, fun activities, and service opportunities. BCF also provides a shuttle service to BCF's home church, Bible Center Church.

Catholic Newman Club

The CMU Catholic Newman Club seeks to build a Christ-centered community and support network, to witness and share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to live out our Christian vocation for the greater glory of God in accordance with, and by participating fully in, the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. We are closely linked to St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Pittsburgh Oratory.

CCO Delta

CCO Delta is about “transforming college students to transform the world.” We walk in discipleship with one another and seek to build one another up in Jesus Christ through meeting regularly in small groups (3–8 people) for study, prayer, and social time. We aim to connect the broader fellowship to each other through retreats, the annual Jubilee Conference, and a service-oriented Spring Break trip. For more info, contact Rebecca Reeder.

Central Church Student Fellowship

CCSF is the college ministry that stems from Central Church. As a student organization, we seek to make, mature, and multiply disciples here on CMU’s campus. We hold prayer meetings every Wednesday and Bible Studies every Friday, both of which are scripture-motivated and based. As young leaders in Christ, we hope to apply the knowledge and wisdom that we gain to further God’s Kingdom.


Campus Cru is a group of students who meet weekly to talk about everything it means to be a college student in today’s world. We emphasize the need for openness, honestly and a strong community and fellowship. We are open to all from those who are just interested and curious about Christ to those who have been believers their whole life. We believe in sharing the gospel and the love of Christ through investing and engaging in other’s lives.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

We are sinners saved by Jesus, and we seek to love God, for He loved us first. By prayerfully discipling each other and serving CMU in Christ-like ways, we have faith that God will shine in us and over the campus.

Ignite: InterVarsity's Black Student Movement

Ignite is a student organization at the University of Pittsburgh, CMU, Duquesne where Black students can strengthen community on campus, grow in our faith, and learn what Jesus is saying to us as individuals. It is a great place for us to ask questions and openly discuss who Jesus is regardless of where we are in our faith or of what our spiritual backgrounds are.

And of course, we like to eat and have a good time! So if you do too, we just might be what you're looking for.


The vision of our college community at KCCP can be described in three ways.
Upward: The goal of KCCP is to worship God’s worth as Savior and to praise His character.
Inward: Belonging to a body of Christ, individuals come together and establish a community with unity within diversity.
Outward: We share the love of Jesus Christ through outreach, serving, and helping others in the Pittsburgh area, especially on college campuses. Contact us.

Lutheran Student Fellowship

LSF is a multi-university Christian fellowship at First Trinity, an LCMS church that’s a 10 min walk from campus (531 N Neville). We have Sunday lunch, Bible study with dinner & evening prayer, inter-fellowship movie nights, retreats, & more. Since LSF is a small fellowship, it’s perfect for forming close relationships, and non-Lutherans are welcome! If you have any questions or want to be put on our mailing list, contact Brandon Price.

h2o Church Student Fellowship

During your time here at CMU, you will have the opportunity to pour yourself into so many amazing things: work, research, projects, teams, clubs, friendships, and much more. In many ways, you are setting a trajectory for the rest of your life. That’s why finding a place on campus that helps you to explore and grow in your faith in God is vital. CMU’s motto is “my heart is in the work.“ We believe that there is no greater work to put our heart into than the work of Jesus. In light of that, we hope h2o is a place where you can learn and grow to love God more and more, love yourself in light of God more and more, and love others more and more.

Tartan Athlete Fellowship

We are a student group looking to explore the role athletics play in our Christian faith and how our Christian faith affects the way we compete, play, and live. We use athletics to facilitate discussions, but not everything is focused on sports. Everyone is welcome to attend, athlete and non-athlete alike. Come check us out if you’re exploring faith, college, sports, and living.

Other groups

Special-purpose Christian groups that believers can join in addition to a fellowship.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is a faith-based human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. The Carnegie Mellon chapter aims to raise awareness and funds to support the work IJM is doing.

Joyful Noise

We are Joyful Noise — Carnegie Mellon University’s Christian a capella group. While we may have an eclectic taste in music, it’s all tied together by a goal to serve Christ and neighbor however we can.

PGH Christian Studies

Pittsburgh colleges and universities offer a wealth of courses covering Christian history, theology, culture, the Bible, and the relationships between Christianity and other religions. But students often have trouble identifying these courses or feel they cannot fit them into their degree programs. That's why faculty at area institutions are collaborating to bring together a listing of Christian Studies courses across the disciplines in one place, updated each semester. We help students find pathways to fit their interests, their major course of study, and their career goals, using all of Pittsburgh's combined resources.

Vision School

Vision School is an eight-week missions training program that discovers and examines God’s character and His longing heart for all people and all nations. Weekly lectures impart the Father’s love for unreached people groups and open students’ eyes to what God is and has been doing all over the world to advance His Kingdom. Our goal is to train young adults to become history-makers by challenging paradigms about missions and Christian living. Each Vision School session consists of praise and worship, lectures from various speakers, testimonies from missionaries who have served in the 10/40 missions window, and nation-selling.